Requirements for Stage 2 Covid 19 Church Service Opening at Bergen Missionary Church Fellowship

  1. Arrive no more than 15 minutes early.
  2. Adhere to 6ft social distancing, and please refrain from shaking hands and hugging.
  3. Hand sanitizer is available entering and exiting the church. Masks will be available for anyone wishing to use them. Note if you wish to sing you are required to wear a mask.
  4. As we are required to keep track of attendee’s, please give the usher your name to check off in the new directory or contact information if you are not in the directory upon entering the church.
  5. Printed bulletins will not be handed out at this time, but they will be available online and we will have them on the overhead at certain times before and throughout the service.
  6. There will be social distance seating using every other row with two empty seats between each family group. Seats will be filled from front to back.
  7. Children are required to stay with their parents at all times.
  8. The Office, hallway, the Sunday school room, the Nursery room and the Kitchen are all out of bound area’s so please refrain from using or going to these areas.
  9. The washrooms will be open, but the hallway will be monitored by ushers and only 2 people will be allowed in the washroom at a time. We ask that there be no visiting in the hallway. Please wash your hands and reuse sanitizer following bathroom use. It is suggested that children use the washroom just before leaving home to decrease the need for washroom use while at church.
  10. When the service is finished the ushers will help congregants to exit the church from rear to front in an orderly manner.  You will have your coats with you and will be given time to put on boots or shoes in the front entrance.  We ask that once outside you respect the social distancing requirements.
  11. There will be no coffee or snacks served after or during services.

We are sorry for such stringent rules, but we are required to follow them as set out by Government regulations and our Plan to Protect® and insurance requirements.

The Board of Directors of the Bergen Missionary Church would like to thank all of our past, present, and future congregants for your support.

Bergen Church Governing Board

 Continued Giving

Here are some ways you can continue to give to the Bergen Church

  1. Contact Pastor Rob and make arrangements for pick up or drop off of cheque
  2. Mail your cheque to Bergen Church, RR#2 Sundre, AB.  T0M 1X0
  3. You can set up an EMT (Electronic Monthly Transfer) with our financial secretary, Karl Steiner. email him at
  4. Tithes and offerings can be sent by eTransfer to
    We are set up for auto deposit so no password will be required.