Dear Friends

At this time please note that all services and activities at the church are cancelled.

We will continue to meet Online Sunday mornings at 10:30 on the Bergen Church Facebook page.  There are also online devotionals Mon. Wed and Fri mornings at 10:30.

If you are aware of needs in the community please contact myself or the # below to receive assistance.

*Please take note that we are now able to do eTransfers if you are giving to the church. Tithes and offerings can be sent by eTransfer to
We are set up for auto deposit so no password will be required.

Thank you for your continued care and prayers at this time

Robert Holland
Pastor at the Bergen Church
403 672 0020


Sundre Ministerial Response

If you find yourself in need of help, whether physical or emotional, please feel free to contact this number and they will be able to direct you to an appropriate resource


You can also go to the Sundre Ministerial webpage if you’d like to contact a church directly

Click on ‘Church Listings and Links’


 Continued Giving

Here are some ways you can continue to give to the Bergen Church

  1. Contact Pastor Rob and make arrangements for pick up or drop off of cheque
  2. Mail your cheque to Bergen Church, RR#2 Sundre, AB.  T0M 1X0
  3. You can set up an EMT (Electronic Monthly Transfer) with our financial secretary, Karl Steiner. email him at
  4. Tithes and offerings can be sent by eTransfer to
    We are set up for auto deposit so no password will be required.


Online Bible Study Opportunities

“PTL there are now so many online bible studies it is no longer practical  to list individually, just go to link. There is no charge for the registering for the online study , to purchase the course book costs from about  $11 to 18 plus shipping.

“One online  ZOOM  course that may be of interest to the local area people.

June 2 to July 14  7:00 to 8:00 PM by ZOOM, leader is Mike Fleming

Rising to the Call of Leadership  The Making of a Leader-God’s Way

God calls every one of His people to positions of leadership and influence-in our homes, communities, churches, and ultimately the world. But true leadership involves more than simply being the person out front; it means living a life worth following.

In this study of four important leaders of Israel-Eli, Samuel, Saul, and David-you’ll explore key leadership principles, including how to make wise decisions under pressure, deal effectively with mistakes, and set a course that others will follow. Most important, you’ll learn what God expects of you-and how you can rise to the call of effective leadership.

In order to fully participate in this study, you will need to have the 40-Minute Bible Study Rising to the Call of Leadership.

I will be ordering books May 19 for Rising to the Call of Leadership ($11 plus shipping) for any area residents that are interested please contact me at:

There is no charge, but you need to Register at

Just scroll down to this class.”

Thank you MIke Fleming