Bergen Youth Group October 15, 2017



19: Bible study. Being like Jesus; attitude, behaviour, character. 7-9pm at the church.
26: Family game night at Troy & Jill Fee’s house. 7-9pm.

27: Indoor trampoline park with McDougal Youth in Calgary. Depart 5pm, back at 11pm.

 Bible study. Being like Jesus; loving God and others. 7-9pm at the church.
9: Food, music, prayer. Location TBD.  7-9pm.

16: Bible study. Taught by Jesus  7-9pm..
23: Family movie night 7-10pm.

24: West Edmonton Mall with McDougal Youth (all-day event).

30: Bible study. Following Jesus; discipled and discipling.  7-9pm at the church.

 Bible study. Following Jesus together. Community and Mission. 7-9pm at the church
14: Christmas party (6pm start). Location TBD.   6-9pm.


Other Events (non-Thursdays)
Sat, Oct 7 & Nov 25: Operating concession at Bergen Market 10am-2pm


William Knelsen – Family Pastor
Please contact by phone call or text message: 403-426-0155