Events week of September 16, 2018

Sunday morning service time 10:30am

Bergen Community Play School is held at the Bergen Church.  Classes are held Monday morning,  Tuesday morning and afternoon,  Wednesday morning,  Thursday morning and afternoon.  Holidays follow Chinook’s Edge School District schedule.


FREE VEG TABLE!   Bring any extras from your garden that you’d like to give away.  A table is set up outside and you can take what you like!   Bring your own bag


 Friday Sept. 14,  6:00pm Bergen Church will be hosting the ‘SMILES camp’ which is being put on by Greg and Shelli Neufeld.  They will be here for a meal that night and if you would like to be a part of the evening please sign up so we know how many to cook for and if you could also participate by providing a salad or dessert that would be great as well.

Baby shower for Colin, Jamie and Winnie Tubb will be on Monday September 17th at 7pm at the Jackson’s. 11 Edengrove Close.   Everyone welcome (guys n gals). Bring a dish to share if you can. In lieu of cards, Colin and Jamie would love any Dr. Seuss book signed by the giver in the front cover. If you’d like to bless the couple with a gift, universal gift cards would be most appreciated (ol’ fashioned cash).



No youth group over the summer.  Youth group will resume in the fall.