Youth Group

Greetings from the Youth Pastor!

My name is Adam Elliott, my wife is Meg and together we have five kids and are expecting twins in 2021. Therefore I am used to chaos!

The youth group runs Friday evenings from 7-9pm at Bergen Missionary Church.
We run two to three games for the first hour and then the last half go through a Bible study and hangout afterwords.

For the time being, due to Covid, youth group looks very different. We are wearing masks while meeting and instead of a traditional youth group where we run around are possibly in close contact with one another, we are running a youth service. This means we all come in and find a seat in the Chapel area and play games from our seats or one person at a time comes up in front of everyone.

Currently, we are studying through the book of Mark which will take us through to the new year.

There are currently two youth leaders that help each evening:
Alanna Waines and Scott Anderson.

I love having open communication so if either the youth, parents, or anyone else who would just like to visit, ever wants to reach out please feel free to do so. My number is 403-438-7729 or another way to remember that number is 438-PRAY.

If you are curious about finding out more information about the youth group and what we do, you can find us two different ways:
Instagram at:
Facebook at:

You can also follow us on YouTube where there is a weekly Bible Study video posted at…nel/UC2o6sn4KiawJghWgbXLx_Fw
Feel free to subscribe and follow weekly videos there as well.

Here are some highlights from our 2020 fall/winter season!